Charleston Wedding Company is wedding photography from Jason Kaumeyer and Paul Cheney. Our approach to wedding photography is what we call “Photojournalistic style  with studio sensibilities.”  We are based out of both Charleston, SC and Chicago, IL.  We provide wedding photography to not only Chicago weddings and Charleston weddings, but we also shoot for many Charleston Caterers, Chicago event venues, Charleston wedding planners, etc.  We have 20+ years of photography experiences to utilize on on your big day.  Every wedding is different as is every lighting situation.   Experience matters.

Don’t be fooled by our competitors’ “Best Of” shots.  Every wedding produces a couple great moments and the majority of wedding photographers should be able to capture these moments.  It’s what we are hired to do. To REALLY understand how good a wedding photographer’s skill-set is we recommend viewing their clients’ wedding photography as a complete package.  A wedding is more than a single moment.  CONTACT US if you are interested in our wedding photography services.  We shoot heavy, edit diligently and deliver on time.  We will send you a link to view our wedding photography in it’s entirety.

Now Booking up to June 2015 Dates! Please click CONTACT to inquire about available dates and to get links to view entire weddings we have photographed! If we are booked we will send you to one of our photographer friends!